Brown Itinerary

Piazzale Lago (1,346m), le Mandrie (1,500m), il Costone (1,607m), Belfiore Pass (1,669m), junction at Fontanini (1,350m), Junction to Rialbero (1,350m), Junction to Mt. Maccagnino (1,330m), Piazzale Lago (1,346m)

On foot          
  • Departure: Piazzale del Lago del Cerreto (1,346m)
  • Arrival: Lago del Cerreto
  • Duration: 4 hour/s 30 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: demanding

Itinerary requiring good training for the length and the presence of two demanding uphill stretches in loc. "il Costone" and immediately before arriving at Belfiore Pass.
The itinerary leaves from the site in front of the lake, following the trail markers of trail 649; it continues on the flight of steps on the left before the Park Hotel. Then you will have to take the asphalt road leading towards the last apartment houses of Cerreto Laghi, always following the uphill main road which is an asphalt road at first and then becomes a dirt road. After three bends (at 1,410m) on the left you will find the trail marker of trail 649: this trail is well-evident in the woodland, crosses the new downhill track alternative route no. 3, and then gently continues uphill across the woodland.

Download the pdf of the trail: PDF front and PDF back

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