ECCELSA-Environmental Compliance based on Cluster Experiences and Local SMEs-oriented Approaches - is a project coordinated by Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa in order to help the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to reduce the environmental impact of their production processes and adapt to the national and European goals.

ECOMETE is a project for the development of participated development and for the improvement of the environmental quality of the offer of the European tourist destinations. Developed with the support of the LIFE Eccelsa Project.

IMAGINE-Innovation for a MAde Green IN Europe - the project, financed by CIP Eco-Innovation, aims at promoting the EMAS district approach in the "fashion system" of Tuscany, involving 4 districts working in this field in the Region.

LIFE09 ENV/IT/000105
Eta Beta project aims at strengthening and promoting development of Eco-managed Industrial and Business Estates (EIBEs) as local governance and policy tools in order to implement the European Union Environmental Technology Action Plan.

SOILCONSWEB - Multifunctional Soil Conservation and Land Management through the Development of a Web Based Spatial Decision Supporting System is a project coordinated by DiSSPAPA (Faculty of Agriculture of Portici - NA). The project was born with the aim of developing an innovative Decision Supporting System (DSS) for a better soil and landscape conservation and management, promoting the implementation of important national environment-related directives and regulations. The tool includes high-quality spatial layers of information related to soil and landscape and developed through the web (Web based Spatial Decision Supporting System). The DSS will be developed in a test area of about 20,000 ha in Southern Italy (Valle Telesina-BN) and then provided to further four European regions.
RELACS - Renewable Energy for Tourism is a project co-financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme and coordinated by the Energy Agency of Modena AESS. Involving 10 European Countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Sweden, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal, Austria, Italy) Relacs aims at the diffusion of renewable source plants and energy saving measures in the tourist accommodation buildings. The project aims at involving a significant number (at least 110) of hotels in different European regions in a network enhancing the structures investing in energy efficiency-renewable measures.

50% of the ECORUTOUR project (Environmentally friendly rural tourism in the protected areas for a sustainable development with low greenhouse gas emissions) is co-financed by the European Commission's  Environment Directorate-General, Life +Environment Policy and Governance Unit. Aim of the project is to spread in the rural tourism branch the awareness of the actual CO2 emissions on the level of both the services supplier and the users, especially taking action on the tourist services offered in the protected areas, where the respect and safeguard of environment is of highest importance, and acting through different ways:

  1. Fostering the knowledge of the actual CO2 emissions due to the preparation of meals depending on the different modalities (usual catering, "zero kilometer", etc...)
  2. Giving information on the real CO2 emissions level connected with the services supplying of the holiday farms.

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