Final Report

Management Plan

Form for the Agreement between the Beneficiaries and the Park
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Materials Communication

Guidelines ECO-CLUSTER environmental management model (Action 3)
The model:

PDF Summary of the document (446Kb)

PDF Database of the 100 Italian and European Cluster (Action 4) (732Kb)

Cluster Cerreto

Training Materials

Presentation of the seminar "Cambia il Clima Cambia il Turismo" (Change Climate Change Tourism) - 14th June 2012 Ostello della Gabellina:

Materials of the Seminar and round table on sustainable wine-and-food tourism in the Apennines, short food supply chain and eco-friendly restaurant industry - January 4th, 2013 Cerreto Laghi:

Seminars June-October 2013

Initial Environmental Analysis of the
Cerreto Cluster

Cluster "Cerreto" Compliance Register

Final event, Cerreto Laghi March 6th, 2014

Action 22 - Checking of the ECO-Cluster environmental management model

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