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Cerreto Cluster

After planning the model of ECO-Cluster environmental management system, the latter will be tested in the Tourist Cluster Cerreto Laghi, one of the main skiing resorts of Appennino Tosco Emiliano, situated in the territory of the National Park.

The ECO-Cluster Project includes the establishment of a Management Committee of the Cluster Cerreto Laghi that will be responsible of the Management System and will contribute to the implementation of the ECO-Cluster model. The Management Committee will be formed by the representatives of the operators of Cerreto Laghi and by the economic and institutional stakeholders related to the area.

The operators of Cerreto Laghi have been involved in the activities of the project starting from the kick-off meeting, through public meetings and direct contacts of the staff with the operators involved.

In the Map below, you will find the operators currently joining the ECO-Cluster project.

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