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Alpini Trail - loc. Belvedere - Gea00 - Crocetta Pass - Padule Lake - lake ring-route - uphill trail to Crocetta Pass (96B) - 649B - Mt. Zuccalone - Pranda Lake
Great Interest: Panorama 
  • Departure: Piazzale del Lago del Cerreto 1346 m
  • Arrival: Lago del Cerreto
  • Duration: 4 h
  • Trail marker/s: bianco/rosso 649A -649B - GEA00 - 96A - 649B - 649
  • Travelling method: on foot, with snowshoes

From the site in front of the lake, go downhill to the SP road until you reach Piazzale delle Brigate Alpine, with the imposing boulders representing the rocks of the Alps.
Once you reach the fountain, take the Alpini Trail uphill (649A) until you reach the junction to loc. Belvedere, where you will take the trail on the right (649B).

Download the pdf of the trail: PDF front and PDF back

Sassalbo, Padule Lake
Sassalbo, Padule Lake

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