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Piazzale del Lago (1,346m) - Via monte Nuda - woodland (1,390m) - road above Palaghiaccio - via Monte Nuda - Cerretano Lake
Great Interest: Flora 
  • Departure: Piazzale del Lago del Cerreto 1346 m
  • Arrival: Lago del Cerreto
  • Trail marker/s: bianco/rosso
  • Travelling method: on foot, with snowshoes, with cross-country skis

The itinerary leaves from the site in front of the lake and, after about 100m, it continues uphill on the left on Via Monte Nuda and, after about 50m, it turns left again. You will reach the end of the asphalt road, near the fence of the downhill track no. 0 and the last apartment house. The itinerary enters the woodland on the left and continues gently uphill until it reaches the 1,390m of altitude. Carefully follow the trail markers, since the track can be covered with leaves. 

Download the pdf of the trail: PDF front and PDF back

Cerreto Laghi, environmental quality model with \'Eco-cluster\'
Cerreto Laghi, environmental quality model with 'Eco-cluster'

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