Pania di Corfino

A summary of centuries of history intertwined with harsh nature and human constancy

On foot         Great Interest: Geology Great Interest: Panorama Great Interest: Hystory 
  • Departure: Corfino (851m)
  • Arrival: Corfino (851m)
  • Duration: 5 hour/s 30 minutes
  • Difficulty Level: E - Hiking (level)
  • Difference in height: 790m
  • Maximum Altitude: 1,603m
  • Recommended Period: from March to November
  • Localities Crossed: Corfino - Grottacce - Campaiana - Pania - Isera - Corfino
  • Comuni: Villa Collemandina, S. Romano (LU)

Zona del Parco: Zone A - Orecchiella and Upper Garfagnana

The itinerary crosses several natural environments and landscapes: it connects the historical town of Corfino with its historical summer grazing land, the network of hedges and fields around the town, the grazing lands of Bandita, the calcareous cliffs of Grottaccee, the panoramas from the white summit of the Pania, the gloomy valley of Buca dei Lupi, the huts of Pruno with the roof in rye straw.

Stops: hotels, restaurants, and shops in Corfino (info: +39 0583 65169)
Seasonal trattoria in Campaiana (Il Fungo +39 0583 68680)
Isera Mountain Hut (18 beds and 5,000 square meters for tents, Tel. +39 0583 660203 / +39 328 8741894 / +39 339 6520948,

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Pania di Corfino
Pania di Corfino
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The Park is a mosaic of villages

The Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park is made of a variety of distinct and different pieces that come together to create one unforgettable vacation.
While the diversity of the villages, attractions, forests, and mountains may surprise you, their close proximity allows visitors to see a little bit of everything in a short amount of time.
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